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Sunday with Jason R. - Mixsee
Sunday with Jason R.

Sunday with Jason R.



Manhattan, NY / Entertainment

I met Jason R. at a cocktail party thrown by the wife of my podiatrist, who I've become friendly with over the 2 years plagued by hammertoes, bunions and corrective shoes. Sometimes I lie to people that it's because I was a former Fly Girl back-up dancer for In Living Color when, truth be told, I'm currently an evening shift manager at the GAP in midtown. I have more lime green polar fleece than any one person should. At that party, Jason R. and I maybe exchanged three sentences altogether before he made a beeline for the mini crab cakes. But to me, those three sentences spoke volumes! I KNEW we had an instant connection and that crab cakes were a transparent and futile attempt to hide shyness and an undeniable attraction. I noticed that he kept staring at me all through the party. Maybe he loves how the lime green polar fleece brought out my brown eyes? My podiatrist said that Jason R. lives at the Verdesian in Battery Park, works as an accountant for New York Sports Club and might be recently single again. He warned me against pursuing him, saying an off-hand remark about the rakishly handsome being more trouble than their worth. Of course, I refused to listen to him. I made it my goal to make this man not only my boyfriend, but someday my husband so we can be the ultimate NYC power couple of NYSC Accountant and GAP Evening Shift Manager. But first, I needed to learn everything about him - what his story is, what he likes and where he goes. Google and Facebook searches yielded nothing. The man's a cypher! So after repeated viewings of my favorite plucky Katherine Heigl movies for inspiration, I set out to research undetected Jason R's Sunday routine in his own natural habitat and from a good 20 feet away.

1. Starbucks


125 Chambers St Manhattan, NY, 10013

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Dressed in my stealthiest black GAP polar fleece, I started following Jason R. when he left his luxury Battery Park condo one bright and crisp Sunday around noon. He first made a pitstop at a Starbucks in TriBeCa. I was at least 6 people behind him in line, but I could hear him order his venti green tea when he approached the counter. I thought he was pretty continental and urbane ordering green tea instead of coffee! Does he like the calming effects of green tea? He may know about its benefits for reducing cancer risks, heart disease and cholesterol. Or he may be into Asians.

2. Petco


327 Greenwich St Manhattan, NY, 10013

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As a man-on-the-go, Jason R. sipped his green tea as he power-walked to his next destination, strangely enough a Petco in the neighborhood. Huddled behind a large stack of dried dog food, I spied him inspecting studded collars and buckled leashes that were hung from racks at the back of the store. He fingered each selection like one does a fine silk necktie. He picked 2 black collars, 2 red leashes and a package of wee-wee pads then finally walking with purpose to the cash register. Given the size and thickness of the collar and leashes, I can't imagine him owning a terrier or any number of small socialite dog big enough to fit in a manbag or murse. Good sign: he definitely plays for my team!

3. Rafetto's


144 W Houston St Manhattan, NY, 10012

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I barely lost Jason R. as he hopped on the northbound 1 at Chambers Street. Luckily I was wearing my Easy Spirits that make for last minute sprinting. He got off at Houston and walked to Rafetto's, one of NYC's oldest Italian food markets. From the plate glass window, I observed him ordering what looked like fresh pasta made that day and 2 plastic containers of putanesca sauce from an age-old family recipe handed down through generations of Rafettos. As he paid for his food, Jason R. took an incoming phone call. From my vantage point, I could see him mouthing "I'll pick you up at 10 tonight." My heart sank and my blood boiled at the prospect of him meeting a date! Especially a late date, which can only mean one thing. Well, I wasn't going to go down without a fight. Tonight's date was going to be a threesome --- and not the good kind! So I've heard.

4. London Terrace Gardens Apartments

London Terrace Gardens Apartments

435 W 23rd St Manhattan, NY, 10011

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I waited in a parked cab (with the meter running) for Jason R. outside his condo later that evening. At 9:45 pm as I was eating a Hot Pocket, Jason R. walked out of his building and into a car service black sedan that was parked outside the entrance. Jason R. was dressed in a black overcoat and dark fedora offset by the bright orange Hermes shopping bag he carried. The sedan pulled away and my cab followed shortly. Jason's hired car stopped in front of the London Terrace Gardens luxury apartments. The scene of the crime where we first met at that cocktail party! This row of towering apartments in West Chelsea, built in 1931 and occupies the entire length of 23rd street from 9th to 10th Avenues, houses both old and new money. Think plastic surgeons, to socialites to Debby Harry. Jason's sedan door swung open as my podiatrist and his wife walked out of the main building entrance. They, too, wore floor length overcoats but were not buttoned or belted shut. A sudden gust of wind blew past and their coats burst open revealing a black leather X chest harness and leather trousers on the podiatrist and a black corseted leather bikini and fishnets on his wife. They both let out a mild shriek as they fumbled to close their coats. Great, my podiatrist has a leather fetish. Only in New York, I thought. Then I threw up in my mouth a little tasting a little bit of the Hot Pocket I ate earlier.

5. Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights

360 Furman St Brooklyn, NY, 11201

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My cab followed as the sedan carrying Jason R., my podiatrist and his wife drove over the bridge and into Brooklyn eventually stopping in a quiet unassuming street in the very chic and stately Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Their sedan stopped in front of an imposing and opulent condo complex where others, all dressed in black overcoats, were seen entering. Jason R. was the first to step out of the hired car. As he got out he pulled at the end of two cords --- a black and red one. Attached on the other end of these cords were the necks of my podiatrist and his wife. My mind reeled as it occurred to me that these were the collars and leashes he bought at Petco earlier this afternoon! I can only imagine what the wee-wee pads are for. I wasn't prepared for this. There would be no confrontational throwdown. I was not going to be the woman-scorned-heroine in every Lifetime made-for-tv movie. I was not going to be Katherine Heigl gatecrashing an Eyes Wide Shut sex party. I told the driver to head back to Manhattan.

6. The Donut Pub

The Donut Pub

203 W 14th St Manhattan, NY, 10011

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Some people drink when they're pissed off or depressed. I ate a baker's dozen red velvet donuts. And I thought about the end of my theoretical relationship with Jason R. And tonight's $225 cab fare.
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