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If you're visiting Provincetown, MA, avoid the boring t-shirt and hoodies souvenirs if you're looking to bring a little of Cape Cod back home. Be inspired by your surroundings: the New England North Atlantic, a bustling historical seaside town rich with history and nautical wooden cottages wonderfully weathered by the wind and the sea. This tour takes you to three of the best Provincetown boutiques that capture the spirit of the New England North Atlantic and translates it into the most unique and covetable fashion and home furnishings.

1. Coffey Menswear

199 Commercial St

199 Commercial St Provincetown, MA, 02657

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If bespoke clothing made in America appeals to you, then Coffey menswear is the perfect boutique for an affordable made-to-measure article of clothing to remember your Cape Cod visit. The look of Coffey menswear is a style-strangled mash-up of New England preppy mugged by Emporio Armani and 90's-era Helmut Lang. The result is an international modern and unexpected take on classic American sportswear filtered through a nautical lens. In this small, charmingly-cluttered boutique resembling a surf shop, you'll find yachting-inspired windbreakers, gingham shirts, deconstructed jackets, madras shorts and trousers of wool, linen and cotton --- all customized to your specifications and tastes. The shop also houses their production studio, so once the final stitch is applied on a piece, it goes directly on a hanger on the sales floor. Prices are reasonable for a piece of Coffey couture, but if you're on a budget, have a preppy-inspired nylon belt made to your tastes. Just choose the belt fabric and color of the D-ring buckle and complete your New England nautical look.
"Agaetis Byriun" by Sigur Ros (2000)

2. Rogues Gallery

208 Commercial St

7 Captain Berties Way, Provincetown, MA 02657, USA

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It should make sense that menswear label Rogues Gallery should open in Cape Cod. Their vintage rustic and nautical-inspired clothing is perfect for a sail around the harbor or beach-bumming it along the shores of Provincetown. In their lodge-y boathouse-like boutique on Provincetown's Commercial Street, shoppers can find nautical-motif'd vintage t-shirts, ready-to-wear, home goods and grooming products that are would befit any New England gentleman or those trying to channel one.
"Sweet Memory" by Tindersticks (2003)

3. Yates & Kennedy

Yates & Kennedy

368 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657, USA

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If a longshoreman with exquisite taste opened up a boutique that sold his treasures acquired from decades worth of exotic travel, you may possibly get Yates & Kennedy. This home goods store provides a more unusual and curated take on the nautical theme. Think more worldly aristocratic gentleman with a fondness for the sea and bright shiny things. Shoppers can browse through nautical-motif'd embroidered pillows, driftwood lamps, one-of-a-kind jewelry, desktop accessories, artwork and vintage-inspired t-shirts. Personal favorites include silkscreen-printed linen scarves and a hand-carved pendant made out of whale bone.
"Atmosphere" by Joy Division